Why Mongolian cashmere ?

Why Mongolian Cashmere? - Gobi Cashmere

Due to this harsh habitat, goats develop protective fleece as an undercoat. When the harsh winter ends, it gets loose between the hair and to put the goats at ease, traditionally Mongolian herders hand-comb it off every spring. It helps the goats to endure the hot summer and prevents to grow external parasites under their hair as well. Longer and colder the winter is, cashmere grows finer, softer, stronger and thinner. 

Also, it is the longest and thinnest fibers in the world. That is why coldest weather gives Mongolian cashmere the softness that you cannot find from any other country.


Why Mongolian Cashmere is #1 in Quality?

Why is Mongolian cashmere the finest of its kind in quality? Mongolia has the coldest and longest winter season where the average temperature falls to -30 degrees Celsius (-22°F) and even as low as -45 degrees Celsius (-49°F). 

Due to this harsh climate, goats develop a protective fleece as an undercoat. When the long winter ends, the fleece loosens from the hairs. Mongolian herders traditionally hand-comb the goats every spring to put the goats at ease and avoid overheating. Not only does it help the goats in enduring hot summers, but it also prevents the growth of external parasites under their hair as well. The longer and colder the winters, the more the cashmere grows strong, yet thin and soft.

Mongolia boasts the longest and thinnest fibers in the world. This is why Mongolia’s rude climate yields cashmere with a softness that no other country can produce.

Cashmere is made from the soft fleecy under layer of a goats’ coat. Cashmere growth depends on the weather as it grows mainly in the winter. In fact, the colder it gets, the more wool grows. It is naturally designed to insulate and protect the goats from harsh climates. As the climate heats up, the goats naturally shed their coats. Cashmere producers then comb off the valuable product before it falls off naturally. This must be done in the spring time before it gets too warm.


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